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Karen Levy Strauss

Karen Levy Strauss Favourite Quote: This is your life…. Your story…. Your Best Seller and you no longer need to let anyone else write it for you or apologise for the edits you make in becoming your best self.  I work with individuals and groups as a […]

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Saartjie Roos

Saartjie Roos I have lived all my years in Pretoria. I love spending time with my two grandsons, being in nature, hiking, doing ultra-walks, reading, research/studying, cooking meals. I am devoted to and depended on God for everything in my life. In my heart, I knew all […]

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Anrie Smith

Anrie Smith Anrie Smith is the founder and owner of Storylane, a South African wellbeing extension, performance enhancing and effective communications partner.  The company was established in 2022 and specialises in Narrative Coaching, Therapy/Counselling, Empathy Training, the transference of Essential Life Skills, Human Process Enhancement and Bespoke […]

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Charleen du Plessis

Charleen du Plessis I started my Pastoral Narrative Therapy studies in 2018. This enriched my life in many ways and made me aware of how important it is to listen, really listen to the stories people tell. Realising that every person is the expert on their own […]

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