Saartjie Roos

Saartjie Roos

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I have lived all my years in Pretoria. I love spending time with my two grandsons, being in nature, hiking, doing ultra-walks, reading, research/studying, cooking meals.

I am devoted to and depended on God for everything in my life.

In my heart, I knew all my life, I want to help people with emotional, mindful and life challenges.

I believe the years of teaching high school and primary school children, interviewing their parents, being part of a ministry of pre-schoolers at church, and opportunities applied at workshops, prepared me for this direction in my life’s journey.

I have successfully completed the two year advanced programme in Pastoral Narrative Therapy at Coram Deo. Adding to that I have completed the Coram Deo advanced programme for Practitioner Supervision. I am honoured, to take part as a student, in several SIMCHA recovery groups, in being trained as facilitator/therapist in narrative therapy.

I see my position as being a therapist, facilitator and trainer in the narrative community.

I have recently also been in a financial administrator position, was a teacher for 14 years and hold a BSc Ed, BEd, MEd degree in Education, completed at the University of Pretoria.

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My personality is that of helping people through life’s challenges and my purpose and destiny is, tgh a pastoral narrative therapy approach, journey with people in re-authoring their life story.

My passion is to “dig for gold” in the person’s experiences.

I am residing in the east of Pretoria, and am serving at Simcha hosted at Oosterlig Dutch Reformed church and Coram Deo (Doornkloof), seeing clients for supervision purposes.

My contact number: 072 132 5237.

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