About Signo Professional

Signo Professional, in short SignoPro, facilitates or supports global competency standards, continued development and ethical codes of good practice in professional helping, peoples practices, and services professions in general. As such we focus on and challenge our interdisciplinary professionals on the science and epistemology of their craft in the interest of their clients and towards the goodwill of humanity.

As part of this quest we are open to partnership with three audiences: professional individuals, organisations and other professional governing bodies.

1) Professional individuals of all walks of life and disciplines are welcome as long as ‘people understanding’ and ‘people helping’ are significant parts of what they do. Typically this would include coaches, psychologists and a host of other professions. It also includes many consulting roles or even leaders and managers.

2) Organisations are invited if they are earnestly seeking ways of putting people first such as raising the quality of management – in other words going beyond lip-service to ‘people as our most valuable resource.’ It has become somewhat of a cliche. We believe doing this right solves the riddle of employee engagement and workforce happiness (the experience of meaningful work).

3) As a professional body our focus is on collaborative practice. This includes a number of scientific perspectives on helping, such as for instance Narrative Therapy. But in no way can we be everything to everyone and this is where we see ourselves contributing to other professional bodies without geographic restriction. Here we add value in different ways so they can pass that value on to their member base. It might be helpful to think about SignoPro as either an auxiliary professional body or meta-professional body who connects with different ‘communities of knowledge and practice.’ We don’t set their standards and frameworks but do require in the interest of raising or managing professional value that they are in accordance with us on some basic universal ideas about competency, ethics and other professional and practitioner considerations. Our biggest role in this category is to be professional community architects.

We are now in our third development phase and would like you to join us. During this phase the membership fees are indeed very low. Our current members who have joined during this phase will always be seen as pioneers and professional trailblazers. For this reason they will receive and keep on receiving the most value even after the second development phase.

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