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To the clients of our professionals

Signo is proud to partner with professionals who are committed to being the best they can be. You are their client, and they are ours. It means that our professionals intentionally take care of every aspect of being a professional (their expertise, their business, their brand, scheduling, online platforms and more).

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Though they might belong to and be certified with any of the communities we host, particularly when they certify with us as collaborative practitioners (whether in management leadership, OD, psychology, project managers, or other), they would showcase expertise and understand what is important about the architecture of collaboration. They are competent and approachable.

The relationship between Signo as an organisation and the Professional is one of mutual respect. We choose them to carry our professional brand of helping and they choose to be the best they can be. This translates into a win for you, their client.

Signo professionals

  • Tersia Grobler
    Tersia Grobler
    Tersia Grobler If you know my Father you will understand who I am....
  • Ronel Viljoen
    Ronel Viljoen
    Ronel Viljoen I am a Narrative Counsellor focusing on trauma, and as a...
  • Alma Meyer
    Alma Meyer
    Alma Meyer “Your mercies are new every morning…” I have a passion for...
  • Elricka de Jager
    Elricka de Jager
    Elricka de Jager Elricka de Jager completed her Advanced Programme in Pastoral and...
  • Christèl Kloppers
    Christèl Kloppers
    Christèl Kloppers Christél’s journey with Narrative Therapy and Gestalt Play Therapy started recently,...
  • Hanlie Boshoff
    Hanlie Boshoff
    Hanlie Boshoff I grew up as a country girl in Ermelo, studied B.com...

Affiliate organisations

  • BrightStar lifestyle
    BrightStar lifestyle
    BrightStar lifestyle BrightStar Lifestyle programmes help you to navigate through life with excellence...
  • Project schools
    Project schools
    Projects schools is listed with Signo Professional as a community affiliate organisation. Project...

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