Project schools

Project Schools

Projects schools is listed with Signo Professional as a community affiliate organisation. Project schools community workers can be verified below.

Project schools advances learner wellbeing by positioning peer-community helpers (first level practitioners) in South African schools.

Community helpers are trained at a sufficient level to connect relationally with learners in a non-diagnostic way that supports their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This serves as an early detection system for more serious concerns and challenges learners might be facing in the immediate eco-system of school, family and friends.

Project schools, as an organisation, and all community helpers are registered with SignoPro. This places an onus on leadership to continue supporting and equipping their community helpers to carry out the mandate of the organisation at the highest level possible.

Signo’s expectation is that community helpers remain active in their learning community and that they will receive proper oversight from immediate leaders who are qualified to keep them accountable and are also themselves members on at least affiliate level.

Signo serves as an additional third-party accountability structure that keeps both leadership and other practitioners accountable to their mandate and the broader professional helping mandate that Signo advances. This includes that leadership and helping practitioners have the responsibility to uphold the Signo ethical code of conduct.

SignoPro verified Project chools workers can be located below. The executive are responsible for managing adherence to the SignoPro ethical code of conduct.

School youth workers

ZelriBroodrykVerification page
MinettePretoriusVerification page
DreyerRallVerification page
LarneHumanVerification page
JuanLonteVerification page
ReinierKappVerification page

Responsible executive and general operations

GerhardDe JagerVerification page
ElrickaDe JagerVerification page

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