Larne Human

Larne Human

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I, Larne Human (Glenwood House Youth worker) is involved in the spirituality of the school. I am in control of the Primary schools’ youth JAM (Jesus And Me) where we play a game or two and then have a message and/or discussion about the specific topic or whatever topic they choose to talk about. Then I am also part of the College youth (Heartbeat) where we do more or less the same. Sometimes I would teach at the school (for grade 1 – 4) and supervise those children; I use my time mostly at school chatting with the kids at break times. I am also part of a church; being a youth leader at Eden Gemeente where we use our time sharing a message and/or having a chat when having fun and games. Sometimes we will also host camps where these ‘chats’ can take place. Sometimes we will also host a get together (taking precaution in this COVID time).

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