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Christèl Kloppers

Christèl Kloppers Christél’s journey with Narrative Therapy and Gestalt Play Therapy started recently, as the will to pursue community work grew bigger over the years. Her main aim is to journey with clients by helping them embrace their truth and become experts in their own lives.

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Anneke Schölly

Anneke Schölly Living with compassion and empathy Welcome! I would love to share with you a little of my personal discovery and growth on this, my earthly life travels. My personal philosophy is one of optimism and trust in those around me and living with compassion and […]

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Jo Viljoen

Jo Viljoen Counsellor Signo

Jo Viljoen Hi, I am a Signo Affiliate. I work as narrative arts therapist. We have an online course exploring bringing narrative practice and the arts together. My practice is situated in Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria , South Africa. The big scaries don’t intimidate me and I journey with people […]

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