Karien Jordaan

Karien Jordaan

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I am Karien Jordaan, a proud member of Signo Professional Association, TIRA-SA and Tall Trees Training.

I have a passion for coaching, counselling and facilitating recovery in adults, couples and teenagers. When I am invited as a co-traveller in your journey towards recovery or self-development, I bring my skills training and life experiences along. Within the safe space I create for you, I fully rely on the divine insight and compassion of the Holy Spirit. We work together for your best interest.

My clients say that they experience a safe space with me, as well as much empathy.

My scope of work is Trauma and Grief Facilitation, Pastoral Narrative Therapy, Life coaching, Youth Mentorship, Speaking Confidence training for adults and teens and Trauma Informed workshops for businesses. Visit www.risegrowlead.co.za for reviews and services. 

In Pastoral Narrative Therapy we refer to a term called single story and multiple stories. Nobody has a single story as our lives are made up of multiple stories. Never underestimate the power of your multiple life story!

I myself experienced death of loved ones and friends at the early age of 11, and these events influenced my path towards pastoral counselling. Before I even realised this or could equip myself, I had a pivotal spiritual experience at age 16 when I turned away from the Christian way and found myself seeking inner fulfillment in Eastern religion, becoming a practising Hare Krishna follower. Having suffered from age 12 to cope with an abusive and psychologically ill mother, without a father to encourage or guide me, I was robbed of hope, feeling trapped and depressed in my teenage years. Near the end of Matric, I had a personal encounter with Father God, and in that experience my deepest longing for peace and personal love was fulfilled. I never looked back again and from that point on I allowed Abba Father’s love to energise, enlighten and motivate me on my life path through struggles, hurdles, divorce, miscarriages, abuse and mistakes. I believe in the FOSS model for success: Failure+Obstacles = Solutions and Success.

After Matric I was enabled to join Operation Mobilisation for a year of development in cross-cultural evangelism across South Africa. Pursuant to that I enrolled with Unisa to study Pastoral Theology. During 1996, I trained in hospital counselling and continued in that field of counselling for many years on a part-time basis.

Life on earth is not easy to understand and navigate. In that sense I find the tree metaphor so useful:  When a tree grows too fast, it has little struggle. The result is a weak tree, weak inside without density. Density resembles character aspects like perseverance, integrity, ingenuity and emotional resilience! Density is achieved through struggle.

Without density, the wood of such a tree is weak and not fit for making furniture or useful items! In other words, not fit for its purpose! We need to grow strong while we pursue our purpose.

My aim is to help people Rise, to Grow further and Lead themselves and others higher. This motto comes from my own life journey where I had to learn how to be my own best friend and a leader of myself, first and foremost before leading others. Never would I have guessed at age 11 that tragic or abusive life events in the future, would form me to become a privileged guide, co-author and personal witness to the struggles and yearnings for recovery and growth in other people.

Part of my testimony is the story of multiple losses in miscarriage, having lost 8 babies over a decade. However, I am the proud mother of a beautiful, gifted daughter who was a miracle baby and i thank God for such a gift. My dream is to complete the editing of my book about this miscarriage journey (Nine promises, One miracle), so that it may be published and serve other families who walk that road.

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