Joey van Onselen

Joey van Onselen

My name is Joey, I am registered with Signo Professional in the category of counselling. I have completed Coram Deo’s Narrative therapy course presented in collaboration with UP and a TIR (meta-psychology technique) course. 

I have a passion to journey with women who experience or went through traumatic events, depression, anxiety, mental illnesses and everyday stress in life. 

I believe that trauma invites individuals in a problematic and negative identity conclusion. Trauma creates space for a  problematic life story to act as a filter when processing new information. Which results in negative interpretations.

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Narrative therapy helps by creating space for the individual to re-connect with their values, it opens up new possibilities for more positive identity conclusions. It helps a person to see that their identity should not be built upon the trauma that they went through but on their values, commitments, beliefs and dreams for their lives.

‘Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence.’ 

Peter A. Levine

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