Hennie Swanepoel

Hennie Swanepoel

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B.A, B.A Hons (Psychology), 

B.D (Theology),  Post graduate dipl. (Theology)

M.A (Sociology, Cum Laude), 

PhD (Sociology, Narrative Therapy)


Dr. Hennie Swanepoel is a seasoned professional with a diverse background. With 31 years of marriage and three children, he’s an experienced family man.

His career has transitioned from being a minister in the church to counselling, especially for Proactive Health Solutions (PHS). He also officiates weddings and serves as a Brightstar Lifestyle Facilitator, emphasizing life skills.

Dr. Swanepoel’s educational journey includes studying at Northwest University and the University of Pretoria. His qualifications include a BA Honors in Psychology, an MA in Sociology with a focus on marriage and family therapy (cum laude), and a PhD in Sociology with a specialization in narrative therapy. He also holds a BD in theology.

He’s continually expanding his knowledge, having completed various courses and programs related to stress management, trauma, grief, and more. Dr. Swanepoel’s passion for life and laughter drives him to explore new experiences and challenges. Contact details: hjswanepoel09@gmail.com |  082 781 6330 |hbps://www.brightstarlifestyle.co.za

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