Francette Bedford

Francette Bedford

My own journey struggling with anxiety and bouts of overwhelming depression, convinced me for years that these problems spoke on my behalf, saying something about  me and my worth.

Only once I started questioning many things in my life, waking up to the way things really were for me, without constantly blaming and judging myself, did I realize the anxiety and depression tried to say that there was something wrong , but the problem was not me.  It is only then that my journey of discovery started, as I allowed my body, deepest emotions, fears and shame to speak up. Opening the door to these inner voices, started an untangling process of myself from abusive and manipulative lies that kept me hostage since childhood.  As my awareness heightened a host of tactics unfolded that now became clear had been hiding under the guise of twisted ideas of love and acceptance – that taught me to carry people’s guilt, responsibilities and blame.  From my own suffering and pain, but also discovering these life changing moments my purpose and passion grew stronger to find ways to inspire, mentor and motivate woman and young people to stand up against forces that conditioned us from childhood to believe we are not good enough. 

As professional I am walking the road with clients, holding hands with my training in psychology, narrative therapy and an understanding of social / family constructions, remembering and honoring countless conversations with teenagers, woman and broken families. My own life story has in a sense become my purpose – as discovering and living my truest me – will always be part of my life’s work as I invite brave fellow travelers to take on this journey as well connecting and taking part in each other’s lives in this way have the potential to create a community of influencers that change the world for not only ourselves but generations to come.  I call this a movement: “Living from Grace” you are welcome to contact me for further information regarding an appointment, upcoming training, free resources, recommendations on books and videos or the possibility of connecting with like minded people in a safe and supportive online space.  

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