Esther Goosen

Esther Goosen

This page serves to verify that the person is a practitioner member of Signo Professional in good standing. Any feedback is welcomed as we promote and support practitioner growth, development, accountability and ethics. In this regard practitioner members must sign a skilled-helping code-of-ethics irrespective of whether they are counsellors, coaches, facilitators, mediators or other professional-, or practitioner skilled helpers.

My name is Esther. I am a member in good standing of Signo Professional Association and have signed a SignoPro ethics code of conduct in the interest of my clients and my growth as a practitioner. I would be happy to journey with you in the helping categories I am registered.

My work with clients may fall in any of the following categories that I am registered in with SignoPro. Your feedback to me or SignoPro as a member accountability organisation is more than welcomed.

Coaching, Counselling, Consulting, Facilitation, Mentoring, Community Helper, Management, Leadership, Job/training analysis and developing material.

My SignoPro practice number is P210318001

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