Antonet Coetzer

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My name is Antonet Coetzer, and I reside in Centurion, Gauteng. I embraced the words “Teach me to listen, Lord” and found Narrative Therapy as an awesome vehicle to further His Kingdom on earth and to really be His compassionate ears where He wants to use me. I am currently enrolled as a Supervision student with Coram Deo’s Pastoral Narrative Therapy programme. I am continuously busy learning and delving into the art of listening and into the techniques found within Narrative Therapy. In my mind learning can never have an expiry date, especially if you want to be the best therapist to your clients, that you can be. I have been taught how to listen with intent, not to diagnose or give advice and now is the time to step out and do. Listen with the intent to ask the right questions, so that the person that allows me to enter their journey back to whatever they need to recover or heal from, feel safe enough to rewrite their story. A recent quote I read, gave me the words to describe further my purpose for wanting to be of assistance to others and enrich and enlighten their stories through therapy: It says: “Your ministry is found where you’ve been broken. Your testimony is found where you’ve been healed.” I am looking forward to listen with empathy, intent and compassion to your story and journey with you through it. Feel free to contact me for an appointment on +2783989476

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