Anneke Schölly

Anneke Schölly

Living with compassion and empathy

I would love to share with you a little of my personal discovery and growth on this, my earthly life travels.

My personal philosophy is one of optimism and trust in those around me and living with compassion and empathy. I am truly grateful to a Higher Intervention that gave me health, courage and talent.

The final analysis in all relationships shows that people invest in people they like, trust and respect. I have always been involved with people in different situations, loving the close contact of diverse peoples.
I have trained as a nurse and hold North West University certificates in Financial Management and Financial Consultancy.

I have done various Personal Growth Courses e.g.
Louis Tice – “Investment in excellence”
Hospice Personal Growth Course,
Hospice Advance Counselling Skills.
Sales and management in house courses e.g Professional Selling Skills and others relevant to the organisational context.

I found Coram Deo’s Pastoral Narrative Counselling course academically and spiritually quite advanced and it impacted significantly on my personal journey and growth.

Most of my adult life I have been in business where I gained extensive working experience in the formal business sector, both corporate and small business environment. I held management positions with Bristol Myers Squibb, Fisons Pharma and Hospice East Rand. In all positions held, excellent peoples’ skills were required and I then went on to establish my own business, namely “Profit Creative” a design and advertising firm. I spent the last fifteen years before retiring as CEO of Profit Creative before moving to George and my own “huisie by die see”.

My passion for people, their needs, hopes and dreams encouraged me to start a practice in Narrative Counselling where perhaps a lifetime of experience may help others in their own struggles and personal growth journeys.

I have found a world of beauty, peace and joy and my aim is to journey with those individuals, families and communities that too may seek meaningful skills, values and goals so that they may ultimately live out a preferred story and identity.

My hope is to collaborate fully with my clients, so that at the end of a journey of self-discovery and growth, there could be a safe place to enhance their lives to their fullest potential.

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