Marilette Geldenhuys

Marilette Geldenhuys

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“Speaking isn’t neutral or passive.  Every time we speak, we bring forth a reality.”  

– Freedman and Combs

After completing a 4-year degree in Communication studies, I temporarily left South Africa to teach and do part-time ministry in Taiwan. I’ve been involved in ministry ever since. I’m currently part of a church plant in Great Brak River – a small town in the Garden Route. I’m also starting my Narrative Counselling practice, and participating in the Supervision Programme at Coram Deo.

I’m passionate about helping people on their road to “becoming”. I believe our identities are not set in stone, and even the most “problematic” life story can be salvaged and re-authored. It’s not about who I am right now, but it’s about HOW I AM BECOMING who I want to be.

I love partnering with clients in standing against any problem that attacks the identity; whether it’s anxiety, depression, substance problems, trauma, difficult relationships, transitioning between phases of life (e.g. into “empty nest”), overwhelming emotions or grief and loss. Through Narrative Therapy I can help you to reclaim the territory that the problem has stolen from you.

I’m also curious about the integration of Narrative Therapy and Art Counselling. I love group sessions – especially allowing art as medium to open up discussions and doors into preferred stories.

I am available for counselling in person or online; one-on-one or group sessions. 

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