Esté Marais

Esté Marais

People’s stories inspire me, and I have a huge heart-listening heart that is forever changed by every interaction I have with the person brave enough to share their story. 

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Parent guidance

My love for children has driven me to get to know parents. Parents are tools that equip children. When we collaborate on effective parenting skills in your situation, I have also created value in the life of a child.  

For some, parenting comes naturally, others just need little guidance. All of us are influenced by the way we were raised. Does that need to become the platform from which we raise our children? It doesn’t have to be. 


Forever changed by every interaction with the person brave enough to share their story. 

As I journey with parents, other concerns raise to the surface, like challenges in the marriage, depression, addiction or trauma. I have completed my two-year advanced programme in pastoral and narrative counselling from Coram Deo. At this point we might have to work on some of those matters. I am a firm believer that one cannot ‘pour from an empty cup.’ 

Guidance in separation or divorce

My interest include helping divorcing or separating parents, to stay child-focused. If parting is unavoidable the aim is do so in the best possible way. The impact of divorce on children can be minimised and hopefully barely evident.

There is LIFE after divorce, both for the parents and children. And sitting together at your child’s next birthday party as respectful parents might just be possible. Let’s work through this with the child’s best interest at heart.

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