Coram Deo

Coram Deo

Coram Deo Pastorale Sentrum NPC (Reg No. 2003/007191/08)

If you are a student of, or completed your studies with Coram Deo, you may go through expedited SignoProfessional registration from Step 2 on this page


Coram Deo is a Pastoral Counselling and Narrative Therapy training centre. It operates from Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria South Africa. In addition to online video based and local classes where a thriving community of practitioners are nurtured it works through a network of host institutions and independent campuses that host its curriculum and broadly shares its vision.

Its flagship programme is an Advanced Certificate in Pastoral Narrative Therapy that could lead to further studies through its accreditation partner with specific divisions at the University of Pretoria. In addition it offers short programmes on a wide variety of topics situated in several contexts; organisational, mental health, skilled helping beyond counselling.

Its operations reflect participation from student to supervision level learners, from standard, to senior, to postgraduated doctorate qualified personnel.

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SignoPro is proud to work in association with Coram Deo as an institutional partner for the following reasons:

Factors in support of qualifying as an institutional member:

Critical factors

  • Coram Deo understands and promotes in practice an epistemological basis for its methodology.
  • Theory and practices underpinning its approach ascribes to sound ethics within its epistemology.
  • Its focus, being narrative approaches, clearly translates to the broader spirit of collaborative work particularly within a post structuralist framework.
  • It puts sufficient effort into creating community in which competency (methodological fidelity) and ethical ways of being are promoted.
  • Leadership shows sufficient understanding and can articulate how their methodology is social scientifically understood as trans-/ or interdisciplinary praxis.

Other factors

  • Their community focus and initiatives, support ethics of care and doing no harm.
  • Formally from 2003, been in existence for approximate two decades.


For the above reasons all of the programmes offered by Coram Deo, whether through its accreditation partner or independently are fully recognised by SignoPro.


Hence SignoPro is comfortable to underwrite Coram Deo learners taking on multiple skilled helping roles subject to being members, and to, as may be required advise on attending select programmes to smooth over theory and practice.


While Coram Deo is an institutional partner its learners still has to become SignoPro members individually. This will allow them to receive the benefits of SignoPro as a professional body offering a variety of products and services to enhance the likelihood of the success of practitioners.

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