Tersia Grobler

Tersia Grobler

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Tersia Grobler Pastoral Narrative Therapist.

Tersia is a registered Pastoral Narrative Therapist dedicated to the wellbeing and mental health of individuals, and providing emotional support. She studied at University of Pretoria and Coram Deo Centre  for Counseling and Narrative Training and has a bachelor’s degree in Education. Tersia is passionate about understanding how personal stories, and the stories of others shape  and influence the way we live our lives. Through respectful listening, and rich meaningful organic conversations  she aims to assist individuals in finding meaning within these stories, encouraging   healthy new thought patterns that can open up new possibilities (kindling Hope) empowering them to discover their preferred, better, different paths towards a more fulfilling life.

Tersia has a holistic approach realizing the importance of a Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul. Sessions involves but is not limited to:

Respectful listening and organic therapeutic conversations

Encourage new ways of thinking , exploring possibilities, promoting problem solving

Help to shift focus, and setting healthy goals

Restore  balance, enhance, and build relationships, and improve self-confidence

Strive to assist, and encourage individuals to make healthy choices

 In addition to  individual therapy Tersia also facilitates group sessions .Tersia also has valuable experience working with the elderly and individuals with special needs. She provide services in both English and Afrikaans.

Located in Howick in the KwaZulu – Natal Midlands Tersia values and respects the essence of life and have compassion for the humanness of individuals. She  understands, and respect people’s uniqueness , and diversity , respecting their spirituality, culture and education. In her free time she enjoys hiking, gardening, crafts and spending quality time with family and people dear to her.

If you are seeking support to navigate life’s challenges, uncover your story’s significance and cultivate a more meaningful existence Tersia is here to guide you on your journey. With her compassionate approach and commitment to your wellbeing she is dedicated to helping you live a life that is authentic, purposeful and worth celebrating.

Her contact details:

083 603 0807


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