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Esther Goosen

Esther Goosen My name is Esther. I am a member in good standing of Signo Professional Association and have signed a SignoPro ethics code of conduct in the interest of my clients and my growth as a practitioner. I would be happy to journey with you in […]

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Amanda Swanepoel

Amanda Swanepoel This page serves to confirm that Amanda Swanepoel is a registered member in good standing with SignoPro. The page will be updated in due course. Amanda is registered in the coaching and facilitator categories and the co-CEO of BrightStar, a SignoPro affiliate organisation.

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Brightstart lifeskills programme

The following information is provided by Brightstart. Member page, here. BRIGHTSTAR LIFE PROGRAM VIA ZOOMS P E S I A L E A A N B O D !! DRIE LEWENSVERANDERENDE MODULES: Violet Zekoe: “Sal nooit vergeet wat ek by Brightstar Life geleer het nie en wat […]

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Elmo Pienaar

Elmo Pienaar Signo Professional

Elmo Pienaar Hi, I am a Signo Professional. I’m passionate about helping individuals, groups (also families), and organisations be their best. I work across all the helping categories of coaching, specialist counselling, facilitation, and organisational development. I’m also involved in high level training of professional helpers. You […]

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