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Hanlie Boshoff

Hanlie Boshoff I grew up as a country girl in Ermelo, studied and worked in a corporate environment till I discovered my real passion and calling in 2002…. working with adolescents and making a difference in their lives. One of my favorite quotes is:  “I wish […]

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Sandra Adendorff

Sandra Adendorff In my career I qualified as economist and obtained a doctorate in Economics.  As a researcher I was privileged to be involved in developing a few books and articles.  I also serve on the board of the die South African Institute of Financial Markets (SAIFM) […]

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Esté Marais

Esté Marais People’s stories inspire me, and I have a huge heart-listening heart that is forever changed by every interaction I have with the person brave enough to share their story.  Parent guidance My love for children has driven me to get to know parents. Parents are […]

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Anneke Schölly

Anneke Schölly Living with compassion and empathy Welcome! I would love to share with you a little of my personal discovery and growth on this, my earthly life travels. My personal philosophy is one of optimism and trust in those around me and living with compassion and […]

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