Sonja Beyleveld

Sonja Beyleveld

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I am Sonja Beyleveld. I live in Parys. I have been a LSEN teacher for almost 20 years. Through the years I noticed the need for Therapy/counselling amongst learners and parents. I decided to leave teaching and follow an exciting new venture. I am also qualified to do Gr. R sifting and Dyslexia sifting tests. The journey as a Pastoral Narrative Therapist is interesting and challenging(I love a challenge). I am a facilitator for FAMSA as well – doing especially Bullying as a

theme for Gr R- and Primary learners( Groups). Therapy includes applying a Pastoral Narrative approach to: Elderly and Adults – doing life-review and legacy work. Individuals, couples and families(relationships) come to me for therapy after/during Trauma, Grief, Abuse, Loss. Depression and anxiety are also topics which are often journeyed with.

One of my passions is to story people’s lives – especially during sickness or when retiring and a new phase and challenges await them. I work mainly in Parys-area – but thanks to Zoom and the Internet I can do sessions with basically anyone, anywhere.

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