Philip Voigt

Philip Voigt

My name is Philip and I am a member of Signo Professional Association and have signed a SignoPro ethics code of conduct in the interest of my clients and my growth as a practitioner.



Certified Life Coach (School of Life)

 Honours Degree in Psychology (UNISA)

Master’s Degree in Children’s Ministry (University of Stellenbosch)


What I do:           

I provide a safe space to explore thoughts, beliefs, emotions and goals.

I help clients discover WHAT they really want, understand WHY they WANT it and design their journey from where they are to where they WANT to be.


Family, Wellness, Decision-making, Goal Achievement

Guiding Values:  

Take responsibility for your life

 Be accountable

 Find the support you need

Quote: “To say you have no choice is to relieve yourself of responsibility.” – Patrick Ness

I love:                 

To see people/clients move on into a new freedom…..

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