Nthabiseng Shongwe

Nthabiseng Shongwe

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BBusSci Marketing & Communications (Hons) (Monash University), Leadership Through Community Interaction (Stellenbosch), Community Capacity Enhancement using Community Conversations (CCE-CE) (IOM UN Migration), Pastoral Narrative Therapy (Reg No. XXX) (University of Pretoria & Coramdeo)

Empowering Change Through Narrative Therapy

As a narrative therapy practitioner, I am dedicated to empowering individuals and organisations through the transformative power of storytelling. With over 8 years of experience in narrative communication, I specialise in narrative therapy, compassionate health communication using strategic and creative storytelling for individual and social change.

My narrative therapy practice focuses on facilitating personal growth, fostering resilience, and aiding individuals in reshaping their life stories. I believe deeply in the healing potential of stories, using them as tools to navigate challenges, redefine identities, and create empowering states of well-being that shape our reality.

In the realm of compassionate health communication, I excel in translating complex health information into accessible narratives that resonate with diverse communities. My aim is to bridge the gap between health knowledge and practical application, empowering individuals to make informed decisions, embrace healthier lifestyles, and find strength in their internal worlds.

Additionally, my expertise in strategic and creative storytelling involves an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to communication and connection. Collaborating with diverse talents, I spark transformative dialogues that foster lasting changes in perception and behavior. I help organisations articulate their brand stories authentically, fostering long-term relationships with their communities.

I invite you to explore the transformative potential of narrative therapy and compassionate health communication. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the power of storytelling in reshaping lives and catalysing positive individual and social change.

For more information about my narrative therapy practice or collaboration opportunities, visit www.spiralaloe.co.za. Contact me via email at nthabiseng@spiralaloe.co.za or directly at (+27) 82 326-6679.

Together, let’s harness the potential of narratives to inspire growth, healing, and meaningful change.

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