Nthabiseng Moselakgomo

Nthabiseng Moselakgomo

My passion is to assist people discover themselves, their wants and needs and their purpose in life, through a coaching process requiring engagement, collaboration, and discussion.

I’m a firm believer that God created all of us in his image and for a purpose, thus wherever we find ourselves in life or whatever we’ve been through, we can repurpose our experiences to live a full life.
I walk with you through the journey of your life, where you have been, what you have done, your experiences; how you may have or have not responded to them; where you are now; and where you want to be. Then, importantly, we set goals and steps that are aimed at the direction and desired destination for what you want to achieve. 

The process is collaborative, leaving you in charge of your life, acknowledging what you want, valuing what you choose and the measure thereof; and setting out what you want going forward and how you’ll achieve that. 

It will be a great pleasure for me to partake on this journey with you. Let the journey begin. You are most welcome to contact me.

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