Michelle Dreeckmeier

Michelle Dreeckmeier

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Welcome to my SignoPro practitioner verification page. 

I was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, and it remains the place I call home. Professionally, I wear multiple hats – I am a qualified PR professional, although I am not currently practicing in that field. Additionally, I am a Royal Academy of Dance ballet teacher, a dance and movement coach specializing in individuals living with chronic illness, particularly Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, stroke patients and cancer patients. I also serve as a somatic facilitator. In 2022, I completed my Advanced Programme in Pastoral Narrative Therapy through Coram Deo, as recognized by the University of Pretoria. Currently, I am enrolled as a Life Long Learning student with Coram Deo, Constantia Kruin.

Each of us is a contextual being, shaped by a unique narrative that defines who we are. Like any story, our lives contain both beautiful and sometimes broken elements. The tapestry of our experiences may include heartache, loss, abuse, addiction, trauma, and strained relationships. On the other hand, we also yearn to explore the most beautiful and adventurous aspects of our lives, unlocking our human potential for growth, development, and relational fulfilment. However, the hurt and hindrances brought about by life experiences can sometimes disrupt our lives, leaving us feeling stuck, troubled, anxious, or depressed, prompting us to seek help.

In a world where numerous approaches and therapies are available within the field of mental health, I adopt an integrative approach to therapy sessions, drawing from the Narrative Therapeutic paradigm to explore identity and derive meaning from experiences. This is complemented by a Somatic approach, informed by the understanding of how the nervous system operates, and considering the impacts of trauma, PTSD, and chronic stress (polyvagal theory), with a focus on achieving balance within the mind-body system.

Somatic well-being, self-regulation, co-regulation, restorative embodiment, and fostering meaningful relationships with oneself and others are essential aspects of my therapeutic approach. Our bodies contain our entire human experience and serve as profound expressions of our deepest beliefs, identity, and stories. They encapsulate a wide range of experiences, including trauma, sorrow, illness, chronic pain, health, and joy.

Central to my approach is a commitment to upholding the rights of every individual I encounter: the right to dignity, acceptance, hospitality, compassion, respect, and to be heard. Accordingly, I endeavour to engage clients in conversations and somatic practices that honour their lived experiences, emotions, thoughts, aspirations, and spirituality.

To get in contact with me, please reach out to me via email at md.michelle@hotmail.com .

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