Lerato Ditshego

Lerato Ditshego

My name is Lerato, I am a member of Signo Professional Association and have signed a SignoPro ethics code of conduct in the interest of my clients and my growth as a practitioner.

Lerato Ditshego is in the business of fostering an EQ economy one leader at a time.

She has a decade of corporate experience working for multinational companies, is the co-founder of a successful visual arts agency and is a shareholder & executive director of a boutique hotel.

An astute scholar, she ranked top of her class – graduating cum laude in her post graduate studies in Business Management. Furthermore, she holds a Public Relations Qualification and has completed her studies in Corporate Governance.

She is also an avid content producer and hosts her own podcast called “Braving It”.

True to her belief in continuous transformation, she enrolled in the e-Grow coaching course at the University of Pretoria. Here a passion for Executive Coaching took hold, leading her to become a member of the professional coaching body – Signo Professional. 

She is now embarking on a journey to use the wealth of knowledge and experience amassed over the years, to help other leaders realize their true potential.

Inspired by Daniel Goleman, there are a few principles of Leadership which shape her coaching philosophy, namely:

Mental Resiliency, Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Social Skills and Empathy

Tried and tested in her personal life, these principles are vital for peak performance in the executive space.  So whether you are an established executive or an aspiring leader – her program is for you. 

Team/Group Coaching Program:

Recognizing that leaders can only be as great as the teams they lead – Lerato developed a dynamic program, “Brave Conversations at Work”, based on the same 3 Principles of Leadership.

Using constructive conversations and practical exercises, this workshop empowers teams to be vulnerable in the workplace – a highly effective means of addressing issues that often lead to high turnover, tension and demotivation within organizations.

Choose a coaching timeframe suitable for you:

3 months

6 months

12 months

Contact:  Lerato@shepresents.co.za

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