Leonard Baloyi

Leonard Baloyi

Hi, I am a SignoPro member.
I am situated in Vereeniging, and am open to professional involvement in Roodepoort and the broader Soweto. I focus on people development as a coach and mentor.

Clients are likely to notice that I am genuinely interested in what they bring to the conversation.

If not now, then when?

Professional helping roles

I am open to participation that would be recognised by my clients as …

Coaching | Mentoring 

I am currently doing an advanced programme in coaching and do a great deal of mentoring.

Professional interests

My professional practice interests include

  • Change and transformation practices
  • People development

What I’m offering

Is it true that what we imagine fondly and earnestly and also wanting to see it coming into
being, can be possible? Is it really true that the kind of life that we really want can be realised.

I can work with you to eliminate what you do not want to see holding you back in your life anymore. And if we
can do that, we will already be on our way to redesigning your life to suit your envisioned
world. And that will open up a paths towards pursuit of all the things that you have always
desired with ease and bring them into being.

Influencing people to focus on what they really want has been my strong point. This could involve anything.
I have been able to work with an individual to start saving the money that he makes. It has
been a battle for him to save all this time.

Every human being has the potential to become more than what he has known himself to be. I
enjoy helping people see the existence of that potential in themselves.

I am able to depict for you a picture of where you are, and work with you towards where you
really want to be.

I have been there. I have lived mediocre life for many years, without being aware of it until I discovered the reality
of possibilities that exist in abundance that lurks around each person.


I hold professional membership at SignoPro.

Formal background and relevant training

Life coaching and currently training as a coach at UP Enterprises as part of an advanced programme in personal and corporate coaching.
I also use the Strengths Finder instrument as the basis for my work with people.


If you would like to make contact with me please use the contact form. You will have to specify my name and surname in the comment section.

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