Leon Forsman

Leon Forsman

Hi, I am a SignoPro member.

I grew up in Roodepoort on the West Rand. I am a mediator but also do other forms of helping. I have a talent for writing poems. I love playing golf when I have the time. My biggest vice is the my love for coffee.

And personally I think it wasn’t curiosity…

Mediocrity killed the cat

Professional interests

I practice from Randburg, Gauteng and generally the West Rand. What clients are likely to experience is that I am a listener, compassionate, inventive, and creative. My professional practice interests include

  • mediation
  • counselling
  • coaching
  • training
  • facilitation


I hold professional membership at SignoPro. Other current or past relevant professional membership includes:

South African Association of Mediators (SAAM) | South African Association of Pastoral Work (SAAP)

What I’m offering

What makes me happy in life? New beginnings makes me happy and that’s why my companies name is New Beginnings. Through the work I do with my clients I help them to make NEW BEGINNINGS in their life.

To achieve this goal I offer services to people wishing to get married or I help those who have reached the end of the road in their marriages to make a good new beginning as divorcees through divorce mediation. I help those who are in dead ends with regards to their relationship to make new beginnings via counselling or people who are stuck in their personal and/or professional lives to make new beginnings through leadership training and coaching.

My approach as a Narrative practitioner is to work for a win-win solution. I always put my clients needs first through deep listening and seeking unique outcomes. In one of my mediations with a divorced couple we drew up a Parenting plan with the unique outcome where the children stayed on in the family home and the each week the parent rotated to stay and spend time with the children.


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