Hanneke Truter

Hanneke Truter

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Jacques and Hanneke Truter are Lay counselors and Spiritual Care Ministers assisting people who need hope, care, and direction.

Both of us experienced a huge Spiritual Awakening in 1998 and realized that we need to walk into our callings of Caring for God’s people.

We resigned from our professional secular careers and in this process of growth, we established Beulah Christian Retreat in 2000. Here we offer:

  • Accommodation for personal retreat.
  • Spiritual Growth processes.
  • Personal Growth facilitation.
  • Place to rest and be restored We provide guidance, insight and encouragement based on biblical principles, and work towards achieving wholeness within body, soul, and spirit. Our most important goal is to empower individuals to walk through new or difficult seasons of their lives. Hanneke have years of experience in the secular business world, as Financial and Risk Analyst, in Leadership and Teaching / Mentoring. Hanneke also spend many years as part of Research teams in Medical Research, Women’s Health and Marketing Research. We have been married 33 years (because both of us have continually grown in character and dealing with life’s hurts, we experienced our relationship as being married to 4-5 different people!) We work as a team in unity and support each other in our strengths and weaknesses. We are blessed with 3 children, Willemien (Gr 1 teacher), Tarien (Microbiologist), and Johannes (Teenager). The newest member of our close-knit family Anton (Engineer) is married to Willemien. The Truter’s founded and established MorningStar Focus Ministry and are in Full- Time ministry, at Beulah Christian Retreat, near Wellington, South Africa.

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