Douwe Tempel

Douwe Tempel

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Iam the eldest of six children with three of my own adult children having a bunch of grandchildren.  I am married with my second wife after my first wife graduated to her eternal life after a sickbed with cancer.  My working career stems from my studies in accountancy and business management in the corporate banking world working with commercial businesses in distress.  From a young age the spiritual side had a pull on me and through my involvement in my local church and being broken-hearted myself I discover aspects of being human.  This developed into encountering others struggling with similar challenges and through journeying with them sharing my own discoveries I still marvel at the transformations seen in others and the satisfaction it brings for me is out of this world.  The gems found in the Word of God and in being relationship with Him unlocked things in my heart I did not realize were there. From this was birthed a deep desire to journey with others on their expedition to become more whole and free, and so enabled to discover the treasures of a deeper self to live a fulfilled life rooted in the Word and love of God.

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