Charmaine Scholtz

Charmaine Scholtz

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I was blessed with grandmother who raised me. I am humbled to realize that she was my first mentor for being a great therapist. Although she never read a single book on psychology, her family’s subsistence farming background taught her the most essential task helping others. To relate to others in ways that connect with the best parts of who they really are. When people reconnect with that part of themselves, they gain insight and courage to navigate life’s greatest challenges…I want to continue her legacy by bringing tangible hope to those who need it.

After School I completed my studies at University in the Field of Human Resources. At the age of 27 I’ve started my own business specializing in Head Hunting Career Guidance and Organisational Development. My 30 years ongoing… in the corporate field and 75 000 + consultations exposed me to people, their aspirations, dream, fears and disappoints and I can look back on a fulfilling journey. The Human Resources and Organisational Development communities of South Africa have been one of the forefront leaders in re-constructing new ways of being in a rapid changing environment after the 1994.

At the age of 50 I read an autobiography of Mother Theresa, and I decided that I want to devoted the rest of my career to serving and helping others. I was privileged to work with Prof Vollie Spies Social Worker and was exposed to the field of sexual abuse, trauma and child protection. I was appointed by the School Board as guardian and coordinator for the underprivileged children of the school that did not resonate under the formal structure of the CMR and children’s homes. The path led me to study Narrative Pastoral Therapy to that enable and empower me with knowledge and a platform of strength to work from. I am a project member of the Caring Daisies where we deal with 5000+ social request per month and is also the founder of The Sparrows a charity that fed 40 families during Covid and is still ongoing. During this period, I was privileged to work with Atterbury Trust and Triomf Clinic.

Filled with gratitude for opportunities awarded to me over a career of 35+ year I am passionate about alternative narratives and looking forward to co-writing…re-authoring narratives that will help people heal and grow.

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