Anrie Smith

Anrie Smith

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Anrie Smith is the founder and owner of Storylane, a South African wellbeing extension, performance enhancing and effective communications partner. 

The company was established in 2022 and specialises in Narrative Coaching, Therapy/Counselling, Empathy Training, the transference of Essential Life Skills, Human Process Enhancement and Bespoke Communications

Anrie has a pedigree of consistently delivering positive results and contributing to the enrichment of the lives of others.  She believes that Athletics, and Sports in general, can teach us the most valuable life lessons.  It has the ability to show us how strong we truly are, how far we can really go and how much we can endure.  There is victory, even in defeat, because it’s when you get back up after falling or failing, choosing not to give up when trials come knocking, not to quit, to try again, to attempt something different, even if it’s hard; it is during these times that character is formed and resilience is built for all other aspects and challenges in our lives.  It is then when our stories become inspirational to those around us.

Combining a passion for building authentic relationships with strong values and ethics and 20 years of working experience in the Learning and Development, Teaching and Coaching, Communications and Marketing fields, provides Storylane with a competitive advantage in ensuring superior quality solutions and support to individuals’ and teams’ daily questions, tensions, requirements, barriers and challenges. 

Anrie holds a BCom Industrial Psychology degree with majors in Industrial Psychology, Marketing and Business Management, an Advanced Certificate in Pastoral Narrative Therapy and Counselling (including adolescent and child therapy) and an Exercise Science Certificate.  She is a qualified Skills Development Facilitator, enjoys coaching and mentoring others and keeping healthy and fit, a natural passion that comes from once being a Provincial and National athlete in both individual and team sports.  Above all, Anrie is a proud and privileged wife and a mom of three TEENAGERS and looks forward to partnering with you in rewriting and re-authoring your preferred story!

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