Alma Meyer

Alma Meyer

This page serves to verify that the person is a practitioner member of Signo Professional in good standing. Any feedback is welcomed as we promote and support practitioner growth, development, accountability and ethics. In this regard practitioner members must sign a skilled-helping code-of-ethics irrespective of whether they are counsellors, coaches, facilitators, mediators or other professional-, or practitioner skilled helpers.

“Your mercies are new every morning…”

I have a passion for people and their life stories. I can provide individual/family/group therapy, pastoral counselling and facilitation to clients going through trauma, grief and loss, or medical and psychological issues.  I am registered with CPSC and Signo Pro.  Sessions can be face to face, text-based or online.  At my practice, called Beer Chesed – well of mercy, I journey alongside you to explore the experiences and events that give meaning to your life story.  I follow a narrative and psychoeducational approach making use of techniques that honour your preferences and choices and give your story an individual voice.  When the script of our life stories gets re-written by voices and influences from outside, it may leave the pillars of our belief systems shaken.  It is my intention to add value to your therapy experience and to open up space for the alternative story and a new normal. – AM

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